Are you ShoppingFor That Special Gold Piece

National Pawn & Jewelry is proud to be the largest purchaser of gold in North Carolina. We have been buying fine gold pieces for over 3 DECADES, and our gold jewelry inventory is incredible. Our gold jewelry collection is widely considered to be one of the best collections in existence. This collection is made up of both used vintage pieces and new pieces.

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    Biggest High-Quality Inventory ofGold Jewelry

    Our collection is very impressive to look at, but you can also view it online. You can even purchase your gold piece online, and we can ship it to you. But there is nothing like looking at the pieces and experiencing that thrill of discovery when you finally find the piece that you were searching for. Come into one of our locations, or visit them all, to experience the feeling of looking at incredible pieces of gold perfection.

    And we also love talking about our collection and can answer any questions when you call. But our incredible gold jewelry collection consists of thousands of exquisite items and is continuously changing. Our gold jewelry is widely considered to be one of the best gold jewelry collections in existence. Do yourself a favor and stop into one of our locations to see what all the excitement is about.

    Finally Found That Special Piece Make Payments

    Sometimes we encounter that exact gold piece we have been searching for. It’s PERFECT! And we know that we will never see such a piece again. But we don’t have the cash on hand. And we don’t want to pass it by.

    National Pawn & Jewelry has a layaway option for just this occasion. You see that gold necklace and you know it should be yours. We can work out agreeable layaway terms so you can make payments on your special piece. Our goal is to help you get the gold jewelry you want.

    Please note that our gold jewelry prices are sometimes negotiable. But if you are selling a piece through our consignment service, you have the authority to set your own prices on items that you are selling.


    Gold Buying Testimonials

    My wife and I went to National in Durham. They have a big inventory - it's really impressive. We'd been looking for a kinda unique necklace and finally found it at the Durham shop. The manager was very helpful and spent a lot of time with us showing different pieces
    John - Durham, NC