Sweet music: National Pawn donates instruments to Millbrook Magnet Middle School band

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Raleigh, NC (WNCN) — For the first time in three years National Pawn is back — and continuing to help the next generation of musicians.

Monday, employees of the company gathered in the East Millbrook Magnet Middle school auditorium with the school’s band to receive generous donations. 

National Pawn’s president Bob Moulton, among others from the company, donated more than 100 musical instruments, computers, and a monetary gift of $2,000 to the school’s band program. 

“They realize how important music is to them and they were fantastic,” Moulton said as students played a number of songs. 

Instruments donated by National Pawn (Darran Todd / CBS 17)

It’s the sense of comradery and family that makes National Pawn want to give back, Moulton said. ” I think it gives children something positive to do. There are a lot of kids who can’t afford to be in the band and this will allow, maybe, one person to keep them off of drugs, off the streets, or maybe out of gangs or just bad influences,” Moulton said.Students and staff cheered with excitement as the curtains were pulled back revealing the donations. “Music has been an outlook for these children, especially through the pain and trauma of COVID, and how to come together through artistry and to better ourselves and better our lives,” Francesco Erice, the school’s band director, said. And for students like Mason Gaynor, it’s super special. He told CBS 17 he’d been in the band for years and got the inspiration from his mom, who, he says, can’t live without music. “It feels good because if you were to break your instrument and you had to get a new one, your parents would have to pay for it — the school will already give you one,” Gaynor said. “It’s extremely important to make sure every child gets a fair and equal opportunity to enrich their lives through music,” Erice said.This is just the beginning of their stops. Friday, National Pawn will visit Neal Magnet Middle School in Durham. See full story at cbs17.com

Eco-Friendly Shopping In North Carolina

Shop pre-owned at a National Pawn

Choosing to shop secondhand has a massive impact on the environment by simply cutting down on producing new products. Pawn shops are very sustainable because most of their merchandise was bought from someone who did not want the item anymore. Pre-owned electronics will still meet your needs and cost less – keeping them out of landfills. Buying pre-loved handbags, shoes, and belts brings new life to the items and gives them more time to be enjoyed.  

Avoid Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a practice made by companies to make it seem sustainable, but they really are not. They will use vague, outdated, and sometimes false data to trick the consumers into thinking that they care about the environment and are sustainable when they are not. By contrast, pawnshops specialize in pre-owned merchandise and have for thousands of years! 

Take care of your items and make sure they have a second life

Adhering to proper care instructions for your luxury items is vital to shopping sustainably. The better care you take of your items, the longer you can enjoy your items. If you take care of your bag, shoes, belt, or other luxury item and want to purchase something different, you can sell it to a Pawn Shop and continue the product’s life cycle. The better condition your item is in, the more valuable the item will be on the resale side. Same with electronics. This will give you an even better opportunity to purchase something new to you and allow someone else to bring new life to a preowned product. 

Utilize these tips to stay eco-friendly and fabulous! Stop into any of our locations and let us help you shop sustainably. 

National Pawn Named to the 2022 Best Employers List by Business North Carolina Magazine

National Pawn, a Triangle-based pawn retailer with 23 stores throughout the state, was named to the 2022 North Carolina Best Employers annual list published by Business North Carolina Magazine.

To determine winners, Business North Carolina partnered with marketing research firm, DataJoe (www.datajoe.com), who conducts Best Employer campaigns on behalf of publishers across the nation. Employee surveys were distributed to all companies that applied, covering issues such as organization health, engagement, leadership, work – life balance, training, pay, benefits, and corporate social responsibility. Using DataJoe’s proprietary algorithm, surveys were analyzed to determine the winning companies.

“Our Best Employers Program is tremendously important to our magazine. We know that those who are honored contribute greatly to North Carolina and our economy,” said Ben Kinney, publisher of Business North Carolina. “The participation in this program continues to grow.”

Click HERE to see the award issue or visit Business North Carolina Magazine.

National Pawn Recognized for Outstanding Community Relations

The National Pawnbrokers Association awarded National Jewelry and Pawn the 2022 Outstanding Community Relations Award. This award is presented annually to an NPA Member whose public service and/or voluntarism efforts advance their community’s standard and quality of life. National Pawn was nominated and selected based on a tireless commitment to its community and the vision to improve the perception of the pawn industry one customer at a time. The announcement was made at the industry’s annual Pawn Expo convention in Las Vegas.

For over three decades, National Pawn has been an industry leader, thanks to world-class customer service, bright modern stores, quality products, and countless satisfied customers, over 50,000 of whom have left positive Google Reviews. Since 2012, National Pawn has donated tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of instruments to students in the communities where their stores are located. We are a Triangle-based pawn retailer with 23 locations and 175 team members across North Carolina.

Our services include buying, selling, and making collateralized loans a wide variety of items, including fine jewelry, tools and equipment, electronics, luxury handbags, designer watches, and more.

From pawn shops to grocery stores, shoppers aim to save cash amid rising inflation

From CBS17.com: A report out by the federal government Friday shows that inflation in May was rising at a level we haven’t seen in four decades. That means you’re paying more at the pump, at the grocery store and pretty much everywhere.

“Our grocery bill has definitely gone up, and then the gas to get there,” one local shopper, Erin DeSantis, said.

“I was looking actually at my bag, thinking, ‘Okay, I have one bag here and I spent $60,’” another shopper, Melissa Logan, said.

Shoppers in Raleigh say the high prices have made them more selective in what they add to their cart. To save a few bucks here and there, they’ve made some cuts to their grocery lists.

“A lot of the fresh stuff, because it’s expensive and if we don’t eat it quick enough it goes back,” DeSantis said.

One shopper who lives out of state but spent the week in Raleigh event spent Friday loading up a cooler in her car to cash in on the cheaper prices here.

“I live in a town in South Carolina, we don’t have a Trader Joe’s, so we all have to go somewhere else,” Gina Greer said.

All shoppers agreeing on one thing: they’re looking for different way to save a few pennies here and there.

“[I even look at] the cost per ounce, per quantity,” Logan said.

“We market shop, we know we buy pretty much the same things all the time, so we know what the good prices are on the things we buy the most,” DeSantis said.

But after seeing the total and swiping the card, shoppers say they’re just thankful to be able to find what they need.

“It’s a lot of money,” DeSantis said. “I’m just grateful that we can afford to buy pretty much what we need, and some treats along the way.”

While some people are trying to save cash, some are trying to make cash, and so they’re heading to local pawn shops.

“We get new customers every single day,” Brian Moulton, the Compliance Officer at National Pawn and Jewelry on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh, said.

At the shop, there’s usually a steady flow of people going in to sell items for cash.

“We get a lot of jewelry and diamonds,” Moulton said. “We also get luxury items, such as handbags, designer stuff, all the way down to television and game systems.”

With inflating hitting record highs, even more people are combing through their own stuff, seeing what they can live without.

“If they have some extra expenses, especially since gas prices have been high, if they have a ring in the back of a drawer that they’re not using anymore, they can bring it to us and get cash,” Moulton said.

But it’s not just cashing in, shoppers can save a few bucks by getting discounted items, including TVs, electronics, and tons of jewelry. Prices for those items at a pawn shop stay steady, unlike some big box stores.

“Right now with inflation, a lot of that is coming from supply and demand, and pawn shops don’t experience that,” Moulton said.

Some other tips experts suggest when it comes to saving money is to cancel any unnecessary subscriptions and to pack your lunch rather than buying out.

What Makes National Pawn’s Layaway Program the Best in the World?

Here at National Pawn, we love telling our customers about our layaway program, which we believe is the best in the world—that’s why we call it The World’s Best Layaway, after all! In this article, we will talk about some of the key differences between the free layaway option that you’ll find at our 23 locations throughout North Carolina and the Buy Now Pay Later financing that you may see at other places where you shop:

  • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a type of short-term financing that allows consumers to make purchases and pay for them at a future date, often interest-free. It has become a familiar way to pay in recent years due to popular platforms like Affirm, Acima, and Zip.  
  • Layaway is a plan that allows you to make a down payment on an item that the store holds for you while you pay the remainder of the price in installments. Once you’ve paid all the installments, you can take the item.  

Why is National Pawn’s Layaway Program Better than Buy Now Pay Later? 

According to Consumer Reports, BNPL plans come with considerable costs and risks, including late fees that could hurt your credit score if you fall behind in your payments. By contrast, our layaway program is completely risk-free and costs nothing. 

Top Seven Reasons North Carolina Customers Love National Pawn’s Layaway Program: 

  1. There are no fees or costs. National Pawn offers our customers the convenience of paying for their purchases over time at no charge. There’s never a storage fee, interest, or restocking fee. 
  2. Layaway allows customers to keep their items securely stored while they’re paying it off, which is convenient if it’s a gift that might otherwise be discovered by the recipient. 
  3. Layaway empowers our customers to purchase more expensive items, including fine jewelry, designer watches, and luxury handbags, rather than just what they can afford today.
  4. There are no layaway limits, so you can make payments and get things out when you want to.
  5. When you find something unique or desirable, you don’t have to save the money and hope it is still there; just put it into layaway! 
  6. If you change your mind or find something else you’d prefer, we’re happy to switch it out for you or give you your money back. 
  7. When you buy an item via layaway at National Pawn, you get the promise that we will buy the item back from you or pawn it for half of what you paid for it in the future. 

Instead of relying on a random search for ‘best pawnshop near me’, customers in Burlington, Charlotte, Durham, Gastonia, Greensboro, Hope Mills, Concord, Raleigh, Wilmington, or Winston-Salem, North Carolina can simply use our convenient store locator at www.nationalpawnshops.com to find the National Pawn location nearest them. We invite you to stop by today and take advantage of the World’s Greatest Layaway Program, which is the safest, least expensive way to pay for your purchases over time. 

Expert Tips for Selling Gold Jewelry at a North Carolina Pawn Shop 

Selling gold jewelry to a pawnshop nearby can be fast and convenient. Anyone who has gold jewelry and needs cash will find many choices in North Carolina. Buyer beware; there are some essential things that you should know if you’re planning to sell gold jewelry for cash at a pawn shop in Burlington, Charlotte, Durham, Gastonia, Greensboro, Hope Mills, Concord, Raleigh, Wilmington, or Winston-Salem. 

How much money will a pawnshop pay for my gold in 2022?

The amount you will be paid for your gold jewelry depends on several factors. The most significant are:

  • Your jewelry’s gold karat
  • The current Market Value of gold
  • Choosing the right pawnshop

This article will help you understand the process of selling your gold to get the best possible deal and how you can use your gold jewelry to get cash without selling it by using it for collateral for a pawn loan instead. 

How much gold is in my jewelry?

Gold jewelry is typically made from gold mixed with other metals, known as alloying elements, to increase its durability for wearing. Most gold jewelry is either 10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat gold. The “Karat” is the unit used to measure how much gold is in a ring or a piece of jewelry relative to the other metals present. A higher Karat means more gold in your jewelry.  

Most gold jewelry has its karat stamped or noted somewhere. On an engagement or wedding ring, you can usually find the gold karat engraved on the inside of the band, although there are more steps involved in verifying its accuracy. A reputable pawnshop will use technology and training to help you better understand the value of your gold.

What is the market value of my gold?

Determining how much you’ll be paid for your gold jewelry starts with the current price of gold. Like other commodities, the price of gold fluctuates over time based on market conditions. Gold prices can change rapidly, so it may be a good idea to check the current price before visiting a pawn shop or other business that buys gold.

It’s important to note that no pawn shop will pay the market price for gold. Instead, you’ll usually be offered an amount that’s slightly lower than the market, also known as spot, price. Our team is trained to help customers understand the amount we offer for gold jewelry and ensure that you’re getting the most for your jewelry, even broken or mis-matched pieces. 

How can I choose the best pawnshop near me?

Not every pawnshop specializes in gold. Some may have team members that aren’t adequately trained or lack access to the technology necessary for proper testing. Although most pawn shops will base their offers on the current price of gold, their processes may differ from one to the next. Because of this, it’s critical to visit a trusted pawnshop like National Pawn that’s been in business for over three decades and has more than 50,000 5-star Google reviews. Our customers at each of our 23 stores trust us to give the highest payout possible and the best service because they know we are the best pawnshop nearby. 

Should I pawn or sell my gold? 

Both pawning and selling your gold at a pawnshop will put cash in your pocket, but it’s important to understand the difference between the two types of transactions. 

As explained earlier, selling your gold is a straightforward process where you’ll be given an amount based on current value, and that’s the end of the transaction. 

But what if you are not ready to part with the item and instead would like to get it back later? In this situation, you may consider pawning it. When you pawn an item, you use it as collateral for a loan, and then you get it back when you repay the money you’ve borrowed as well as the associated interest and fees. Some customers choose to pawn their gold jewelry rather than sell it because it has sentimental value. Others want to use their gold jewelry to get the cash they need again in the future, realizing that they can sell it just once but they can pawn it again and again. 

National Pawn is the Best Pawnshop in North Carolina 

Whether you decide that selling or pawning your item is the best fit for your situation, our team is prepared to help you get the cash you need. Stop by National Pawn today and see for yourself why we are the best pawn shop in North Carolina. Find the best pawn shop near you using our convenient store locator.

National Pawn Makes Instrument Donation to New Hanover County Schools

Playing a musical instrument as a child has been shown to improve academics and help young musicians gain essential skills including patience, responsibility, and self-expression. For one North Carolina native, the experience was so impactful that he has spent the past dozen years building a legacy by donating thousands of instruments and tens of thousands of dollars to music education programs in communities where his company’s stores are located. 

“We know that each of the instruments we give has the power to change lives, and we have heard so many inspiring stories from students since we started back in 2010,” says Bob Moulton. Enamored by music as a child, Moulton wanted to join his middle school band in Durham, but financial strains made it difficult for his parents to purchase a new instrument. It wasn’t until his mom found an affordable instrument at a yard sale that Moulton was able to live out his musical dreams. 

Now a successful businessman, Moulton wants to ensure that every child who is interested in joining a school music program can pursue those opportunities. Over the years, they’ve hosted unveiling assemblies in Alamance, Cumberland, Durham, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg, New Hanover, and Wake counties. Even during the pandemic disruptions of the past two years, Moulton saw to it that the local children had instruments.

During these donation events, Moulton is always accompanied by employees from the company’s nearby stores. Dianna Martinez, who has been with the organization almost a year, attended the most recent instrument donation at New Hanover County Schools. “I was so happy to be invited,” she shares, “it made me feel personally appreciated and demonstrated how much this company appreciates people who live here.” 

“It’s the first time I’ve ever been involved in something like that,” shared Amos Santiago, an Account Manager at one of their three Wilmington stores who was there as well, “I was so proud to be able to give back!” 

Ariceli Maldonada, an Account Manager who also attended, added, “National Pawn is a very inclusive company, and I couldn’t be more proud of the way we support our community!”