Celebrating Women’s History Month: Hortencia Leon

We are celebrating Women’s History Month at National Pawn!

We have selected several women that we will spotlight in our newsletter and our social media platforms.  They will share with us the ways you have been able to thrive at work and in life.  Here are insights from Hortencia Leon, Store Manager.

My name is Hortencia Leon and I’ve worked at National Pawn for over 10 years. The time I’ve spent here has truly been a journey of growth and development, personally and professionally. A few things that have helped me thrive in my career has always been my desire to learn and resilience to succeed. The trust I’ve earned throughout the years gives me the confidence to always do more.

Most importantly, learning to adapt to everyday situations and challenges is key. I continually challenge myself and pinpoint areas of opportunity.

Opportunities come in many forms but for me it’s mainly about becoming aware of new possibilities and working towards improving those areas. I take the development of those around me seriously because without them we wouldn’t be able to achieve or exceed set goals.  As a leader, I’ve learned the importance of cultivating a solid team to continue the growth of my store. In life, self development in the form of reading or learning something new is important for me, not just for my own benefit but for my family’s well-being as well. Spending time with my family and having a happy work-life balance has allowed me to do more for myself and my family.

During my free time I focus on staying active, exercising regularly, and eating healthy to keep me mentally and physically ready to overcome any obstacle.  As I continue my personal growth, I hope to inspire those closest to me.”

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