Celebrating Women’s History Month: Tara Jackson

We are celebrating Women’s History Month at National Pawn!

We have selected several women that we will spotlight in our newsletter and our social media platforms.  They will share with us the ways you have been able to thrive at work and in life.  Here are insights from Tara Jackson, Store Manager.

“During Women’s History Month, I want to extend my appreciation to National Pawn.  National Pawn has afforded me the autonomy to grow and make my own decisions when interacting with our customers to have a successful and beneficial business transaction. Each day can bring added product knowledge, better ways to provide world class customer service and the chance to turn a new customer into repeat business. Your team quickly becomes your second family and the culture and spirit of the company fosters this friendly and tight knit environment.National Pawn does not have a glass ceiling on what women can accomplish in regards to exceeding our goals and progressing to different positions; whether they are lateral or upward.By having the security and support of working for National Pawn, I have been promoted from Account Manager, to MIT, to Assistant Manager and Store Manager. The height you reach is up to you!! Celebrate the women in your life! Our contributions to family and the workforce are priceless and endless.”

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