Celebrating Women’s History Month: Roberta Featherstone

We are celebrating Women’s History Month at National Pawn!

We have selected several women that we will spotlight in our newsletter and our social media platforms.  They will share with us the ways you have been able to thrive at work and in life. 
Our first is Roberta Featherstone  – Assistant Manager

“I’m 5 years in with National Jewelry and Pawn.  I’ve had great professional success climbing the company’s ladder from account manager to assistant manager in the Concord, NC location.  I’ve had the honor of winning the Layaway Championship Belt my first year and been a part of two band donations.  
I believe my divine purpose in life is to help others and this job allows me to do that daily.  Whether it’s grocery money for families to make it till payday; or retirees on a fixed income with an unexpected expense, each experience is as unique as the individual themselves. I feel our industry has become an emergency resource for people to make it in this ever-changing economy.  Not all the stories are sad, I’ve helped a few couples get engaged. A few gentlemen have trusted me to help them stay on budget and find beautiful engagement rings and brought their lucky ladies by to show me she said YES. 

Our company celebrates its customers through the rewards program, its employees with banquets and company picnics.  My favorite part is that Bob takes the time to hand write our cards, for birthdays, work anniversaries and monthly wins.  He is very much involved, approachable and kind.  

I feel this type of company culture allows me to flourish personally because I enjoy what I do for work. I’ve heard people say make your passion your profession and it won’t feel like work. Honestly most days it doesn’t. I believe that is key to my success here, the trust management shows us, the sincerity from Bob and work life balance.  This is my third pawn company I have worked with and truly my favorite. I look forward to the future here and all that it holds for me.  I am proud to be a part of this company.”

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