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At National Pawn & Jewelry, we are always looking for diamonds and diamond jewelry. We will appraise your diamond and give you cash on the spot if you decide to sell. If you don’t like the free appraisal, you are under no obligation. We’ll just shake hands and wish each other well.

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    Diamond Buying services

    If you are thinking about selling your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds, please give us a call. As one of the largest nationwide high-end diamond buyers, we are able to answer a large array of questions over the phone and will try our best to accommodate your needs.

    We Sell Diamonds

    We are North Carolina’s top diamond seller. We maintain our top position because we have excellent high-quality diamonds and diamond jewelry, and we keep our prices low. If you are in the market for a diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry, protect yourself and get a great price at National Pawn & Jewelry.

    We Buy Diamonds

    National is also North Carolina’s top diamond buyer. Our diamond jewelry inventory is known across the world. Our clientele comes from the U.S. and overseas. So our diamond buyers are always looking to

    purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry. Bring us your diamonds. You will always get a good price at National Pawn and Jewelry.


    We have 20 convenient locations throughout North Carolina, and each location has an amazing inventory of diamonds and diamond jewelry. Every location also has our certified and staff to help you with your diamonds.

    Who Do You Trust With Your diamond buying ACTIVITIES

    Diamonds represent the pinnacle of the jewelry industry. Having an experienced and knowledgeable partner is very important when purchasing a diamond or diamond jewelry. National Pawn & Jewelry has been in the diamond business for decades and will guide you in your diamond buying adventure. Our staff of certified gemologists has a thorough knowledge of all the issues that confront a diamond buyer. We have our finger on the pulse of the market and have dealt with every issue that has ever come up in the diamond selling business. National Pawn is one of the largest diamond merchants in North Carolina.

    A diamond buyer must be a well-seasoned gemologist and must possess a large bank of information regarding buying jewelry.

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    National Pawn & Jewelry's MISSION

    There are no other diamond merchants in North Carolina who offer “Certified Top Dollar” payouts that National Pawn provides. We can offer this because we regularly survey other local pawn brokers, coin and collectible shops, jewelry companies and even roaming diamond dealers and we certify that our payouts for your diamonds are more! We are constantly adjusting our payout pricing because we keep our eye on current market conditions. We will beat any licensed and state permitted diamond buyer in the state.

    NATIONAL PAWN'S Interesting Diamond History

    National Pawn & Jewelry was created by a group of the world’s top diamond experts and consultants. We had a mission to “help you, not sell you” when it came to the diamond buying needs of the individual customer. We are the most experienced diamond merchant in North Carolina – bringing together over 100 years of combined diamond market experience. Our mission to “help you, not sell you” is evident throughout the entire company because we look at our clients as people and not as opportunities for profit. That is why we staff our 20 stores with certified gemologists, whose goal is to be a resource to the diamond customer.


    Diamond Testimonials

    Our family has used National Pawn for three generations for our diamond and jewelry dealings. We trust them entirely and have learned to follow their lead when it comes to buying or selling diamonds and even other kinds of jewelry. We've seen lots of other dealers come and go, but National has been with our family for decades.
    Mrs. Billingsworth - Raleigh, NC