Black History: Profiles of Changemakers—Ava Jackson

For Black History Month, we are celebrating through stories from our National Pawn family.  We are highlighting  African American associates that have been “changemakers” in their career, community, or in their families. They will also share “changemakers” who have personally inspired them.

“Growing up the youngest of 8 children it was hard to find my place. As I grew older I realized that what came naturally to me was love and kindness towards others. I have a family of “changemakers”, my grandmother who was an active member of the “Black Panther” organization. Seeing how she impacted our community I had to follow in her footsteps, so I volunteer to feed our local homeless community. I’ve started my own legacy to change the perception of young “black” men by raising one that understands his ancestry and how amazing it is to be BLACK.


I felt that I would make the most impact by educating myself and giving back to my community. I’m a senior at UNC-Charlotte studying Sociology. I feel that if I can understand the way a person thinks, that will help me understand their behaviors. In the African American community, mental illness is one of the major underline conditions, caused by generations of trauma. Helping my people have an outlet to get through this trauma we can be better to ourselves, which I feel is vital to the future of my people.

Thank you for selecting me for this opportunity to share my story.”

Happy Black History Month!

Ava Jackson

Manager in training

Store 12-Eastway