This story is from Melina, Jewelry Pricing Manager at National Pawn, she reflects upon Black History and what it means to her.  And, how she became a part of the National Pawn family.

“It’s black history month and I hope everyone takes some time to celebrate it in their own way. I celebrate by going out in my community and volunteering my time with my elders, the youth and supporting black businesses. If you asked me what black history means to me, I would speak of my ancestors and the path they paved for us today.  Black History is also a time to reflect, celebrate, and give recognition of our contributions to society! I grew up watching my family work very hard at their respective jobs, with honor and dedication.  I thank them for instilling a great work ethic in me as an adult. Without knowing what path I would take, after school my dad who had worked some part time security for the company suggested I apply to work for a man named Bob Moulton at National Pawn located on Roxboro Road in Durham. Unbeknownst to me that would lead me to a 20+ year career at National Pawn. I thank the company for its recognition of Black History. My goal is to always give my best in whatever I do.  Whether it’s being a positive impact at work, a matriarch in my family, or a contributor to my community.”

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    Hi just want say that this article is very nice and very informative article.I will make sure to be reading your blog more.

  2. Arthur LeBoo

    The most progressive Pawn shops in NC!
    Much success in the years to come you guys rock!

  3. Marcia Cloud

    I am glad to see NJAP participating in an Amercian Treasure event. Melina you are an inspiration in attitude, professionalism, and image. God Bless you and your daughter.

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