Quick Cash Safely? We Make Loans For Gold

At National Pawn & Jewelry, the loan process is safe and fast. You take your gold in whatever form it exists and bring it to one of our 20 locations. While you are there with us, we will test it for purity and weigh it. Then we will give you a price we are willing to loan against it. If you like the price, we will pay you in CASH in minutes. If you decide not to move forward, no problem. We both say our thank-you’s and goodbyes. No hard feelings. No pressure. No hassle.

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    Our loans are for Short or Long Term

    The fastest and easiest way to get loans is to use gold as collateral. At National Pawn, it doesn’t matter what shape your gold is in, it is good collateral for a loan. We take gold jewelry, old gold, or scrap gold. The great thing about using gold as collateral for a loan at National Pawn is that you get to secure your asset while still having the use of the cash. And our state-of-the-art vaults will secure your gold.


    Once you accept a loan from us and deliver the gold, we place your gold coins or jewelry into our hyper-secure, 24/7 monitored vaults for the entire length of your loan. Nobody ever touches these valuable pieces while they are in our possession. Your gold simply sits in our vault and waits patiently for you to come and redeem it.

    National is Here To Help You

    Here is the process we will go through when you bring gold jewelry to one of our 20 locations. We take these steps to make sure that we accurately appraise your gold and give you the best price possible. When you arrive at our location with your gold jewelry, coins, or whatever other form your gold is in, we start the short appraisal process. One of our certified and professional associates will take the gold piece from you. But don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere. We need to assess the condition, purity, and value of your gold. Once the associate has it in hand, he or she will check near the clasp or on the back of the jewelry to locate and verify the “stamp” for that particular piece of gold. Gold in today’s market has varying degrees of purity. It starts at 10kt and tops out at 24kt. In percentages, those numbers are equal to 41.7% to 100% pure. Obviously a higher percentage of gold content is worth more than gold that is mixed with other metals. This “stamp” will tell us what percent gold your piece contains.

    Once we read the purity that is on the “stamp,” we can proceed to the next step. This next step is the acid test. The acid test does not harm or blemish the jewelry at all. We collect a few flakes and see if the acid reacts with the flakes. If it doesn’t react, the purity of the gold is confirmed. After that test, we precisely weigh the piece. We then multiply the weight in grams by our current payout price per gram. This is the number we will give you as a cash offer. Occasionally, we will pay an extra premium for a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry, but we usually make an offer based on the weight in grams.


    Gold Selling Testimonials

    I brought a gold bracelet to National Pawn for a price. I was a little anxious, but when I got there, they explained exactly what they were going to do before they ever touched my bracelet. The whole place was really well lit and clean, so I pretty much relaxed. They looked at the stamping thing on the back, and they did some chemical test. Then they weighed it and gave me a price. I was in and out of there really fast. These people were really good and professional. Anyhow, I recommend them if you have gold to sell.
    Carl N. - Durham, NC