National Pawn Named to the 2022 Best Employers List by Business North Carolina Magazine

National Pawn, a Triangle-based pawn retailer with 23 stores throughout the state, was named to the 2022 North Carolina Best Employers annual list published by Business North Carolina Magazine.

To determine winners, Business North Carolina partnered with marketing research firm, DataJoe (, who conducts Best Employer campaigns on behalf of publishers across the nation. Employee surveys were distributed to all companies that applied, covering issues such as organization health, engagement, leadership, work – life balance, training, pay, benefits, and corporate social responsibility. Using DataJoe’s proprietary algorithm, surveys were analyzed to determine the winning companies.

“Our Best Employers Program is tremendously important to our magazine. We know that those who are honored contribute greatly to North Carolina and our economy,” said Ben Kinney, publisher of Business North Carolina. “The participation in this program continues to grow.”

Click HERE to see the award issue or visit Business North Carolina Magazine.

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