Appraisals of your Goods in North Carolina

At National Pawn and Jewelry, we want to give you the highest loan possible based on the value of an item you put up for collateral.  So we know that it is essential to get an accurate appraisal of your items. There are many different kinds of items that we take for collateral. These items usually include valuable jewelry such as gold jewelry or other gold items, silver jewelry or silver items, or diamond jewelry. But they can also be things such as electronics, televisions and other household appliances, musical instruments, tools – both power and hand tools, as well as different collectibles and other valuable items. It is our goal to accurately appraise your item to be able to offer you the highest value in the industry.

So the first thing we do when you arrive with your item is to begin research for an appraisal of your jewelry or other valuable items. Our experienced staff has been appraising different valuable items for many years and have been trained to accurately research the market price for many different types of valuables. We use information from,, and a variety of other websites that normally trade in used goods and heirloom jewelry. We will come up with an appraisal that allows us to offer for the most money for your valuables.

We will then give you a FREE, NO OBLIGATION offer that we will pay in CASH, right then, on the spot. If you give us the go-ahead, we will give you CASH. If you decide not to move forward, that is entirely okay too – no hard feelings and no pressure. From the time you walk in our door to the time you leave, you will be treated professionally and with respect. We really appreciate the chance to work with you and the opportunity to make you an offer.

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