National Pawn & Jewelry Services in North Carolina

We Take A Host Of Items Including But Not Limited To The Following:

Watches, Rings, Necklaces and other Jewelry, Computers and Laptops, Large Monitors and Televisions, Audio/Video Equipment, Gold and Silver Coins, Valuable Paper Money, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Business Office Accessories, Cameras and Camera Accessories, Antiques, Bicycles and Scooters, Collectibles, Sporting Goods and Hunting – Fishing Equipment, Gas Powered and Electric Powered Equipment, Stereo Equipment and more.

At National Pawn & Jewelry, we make loans based on the value of an item you put up for collateral. As you can see by the list, we accept a wide variety of valuable items and will give you the highest loan possible based on the value of the item. This list is only to give you an idea of the things we will accept. But we accept a lot more. The rule to remember is… the more valuable the item – the higher the loan amount. Your item needs to be in good condition and have value in today’s market.

If you have an item you want to pawn to National Pawn & Jewelry, if it is in good condition and has value in today’s market, we will give you a fast, no hassle loan. We will appraise the item and give you an exceptional value to either be pawned or to be purchased outright. Either way, CASH on the spot.

Selling Your Gold to National Pawn & Jewelry

Is there gold jewelry sitting unused in your jewelry case? Have you just come into possession of some gold jewelry from a friend or relative? National Pawn & Jewelry has a reputation of offering excellent rates for gold. We are North Carolina’s experts when it comes to gold. We pay top dollar in CASH even if your gold jewelry is damaged or broken.

How We Appraise the Value of Your Gold

Gold jewelry, coins, and other items are appraised based on the weight of the gold content in the item. At National Pawn & Jewelry, we have a reputation of offering a very competitive rate on gold jewelry and gold items. Because the price of gold fluctuates daily, our rates change day-to-day to reflect those market changes. If you have some gold jewelry or items that contain gold, stop by one of our locations or call us for a free, no hassle appraisal. We are your best option when it comes to selling gold which is why…..

National Pawn & Jewelry Is the Largest Buyer of Gold In North Carolina.

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