Sweet music: National Pawn donates instruments to Millbrook Magnet Middle School band

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Raleigh, NC (WNCN) — For the first time in three years National Pawn is back — and continuing to help the next generation of musicians.

Monday, employees of the company gathered in the East Millbrook Magnet Middle school auditorium with the school’s band to receive generous donations. 

National Pawn’s president Bob Moulton, among others from the company, donated more than 100 musical instruments, computers, and a monetary gift of $2,000 to the school’s band program. 

“They realize how important music is to them and they were fantastic,” Moulton said as students played a number of songs. 

Instruments donated by National Pawn (Darran Todd / CBS 17)

It’s the sense of comradery and family that makes National Pawn want to give back, Moulton said. ” I think it gives children something positive to do. There are a lot of kids who can’t afford to be in the band and this will allow, maybe, one person to keep them off of drugs, off the streets, or maybe out of gangs or just bad influences,” Moulton said.Students and staff cheered with excitement as the curtains were pulled back revealing the donations. “Music has been an outlook for these children, especially through the pain and trauma of COVID, and how to come together through artistry and to better ourselves and better our lives,” Francesco Erice, the school’s band director, said. And for students like Mason Gaynor, it’s super special. He told CBS 17 he’d been in the band for years and got the inspiration from his mom, who, he says, can’t live without music. “It feels good because if you were to break your instrument and you had to get a new one, your parents would have to pay for it — the school will already give you one,” Gaynor said. “It’s extremely important to make sure every child gets a fair and equal opportunity to enrich their lives through music,” Erice said.This is just the beginning of their stops. Friday, National Pawn will visit Neal Magnet Middle School in Durham. See full story at cbs17.com

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