We Give Thanks for the Gift of Music With Donations to Local Students

National Pawn has a longstanding tradition of supporting youth music programs in every county where a store is located. For the first time in three years, they are back – inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Last week, National Pawn gathered with students and faculty at East Millbrook Magnet Middle School in Raleigh and Neal Magnet Middle School in Durham to present over 100 instruments, computers, and a $2000 cash donation to each school’s band program. CEO Bob Moulton has always sought to give back to the communities his stores serve and, notably, to support music education due to his own experiences growing up.

“I think music and band give children something positive to do. There are a lot of kids who can’t afford to be in the band, and this will hopefully allow anyone who wants to participate the opportunity to do so,” Moulton said.

With a passion for music since he was a child, Moulton found it challenging to join the school band due to the financial strains on his family. When his mother found a used trumpet in a yard sale, Moulton was able to live out his musical dreams by joining the band at Neal Middle School in Durham. Now a successful business owner, Moulton wants to ensure that every child interested in joining a school music program can pursue those opportunities.

It came full circle as Moulton spoke on Friday to the students at Neal. “My memories are of the fun that I had in the band. Later in life, I realize you learn much more than how to read music or play an instrument. You develop a sense of self and collaboration,” said Moulton.

In addition to Wake and Durham Counties, National Pawn plans to present musical instruments to New Hanover County schools in the spring.

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