Celebrating Women’s History Month: Takeema Williams

We are celebrating Women’s History Month at National Pawn!

We have selected several women that we will spotlight in our newsletter and our social media platforms.  They will share with us the ways you have been able to thrive at work and in life. 
Our first is Takeema Williams  – Region Leader 

“I have been in the pawn industry for 13 years. I have always loved the industry and I strive to make sure my team and I are part of making any encounter an experience. I believe that I have been able to thrive at work because I am doing something I love, not many people can say that! I make sure to schedule my time, show appreciation, teach, and learn, and have fun while working. I am not afraid to try new things at work and different approaches.

In my home life, I am a mother of two beautiful young ladies that are 12 & 17. I make sure each morning I take time to unplug, I love to dance, and we love vacations! Thriving is a choice, your ability to do so is based on your everyday actions, I make sure to try and do my very best each day.”

Author: Blogger

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