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National Pawn & Jewelry Locations in North Carolina

At National Pawn & Jewelry we have offered courteous and confidential instant cash loans on your items of value since 1987. If you want to sell us your merchandise, we will pay you top dollar cash for them on the spot. If you need to purchase a quality item, we are a bargain shopper’s paradise.

We loan from $5 to $1,000,000.00. There are no credit checks. No long forms to complete, you can get your loan cash in minutes. National Pawn & Jewelry wants to earn your business. We pride ourselves on offering our customers higher loan values. When you are in need of quick cash, you need to feel confident that we will loan you more than anyone else.

Starting in 1987, National Pawn & Jewelry has been providing confidential and courteous instant cash loans on items of value. When you have an item that you would like to sell, National Pawn & Jewelry will pay you top dollar cash for it right on the spot. No waiting or coming back later. And if you are looking to purchase a high-quality item, you will find incredible deals on top quality merchandise at our locations.

We are an excellent loan company with a long history of customer focused service – with loans as low as $5 and up to $1,000,000. Do not worry about credit checks because we don’t do them. We also do not make you fill out any lengthy forms. At National Pawn & Jewelry, you will get your loan in cash in minutes. We want to earn your trust and your business. For decades we have been providing our customers outstanding higher loan values. Do you need quick cash? Come to National Pawn for a higher loan and a better deal than you will find with anyone else.

We really care, which is why we loan more, and we pay more. And when National Pawn & Jewelry has possession of your valuables, we will take care of them and guard them until you come back to claim them. The traditional pawn industry has a reputation for not wanting people to redeem their merchandise. But that is not true with us. We have a different approach here at National Pawn & Jewelry. We want you to be able to redeem your items and will work with you to make that a reality. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you borrowed. We will work with you to redeem your items.

Our decades of outstanding service tell the whole story. We are simply the best. If you find that you need money, you will get more at National Pawn & Jewelry. And when you want to purchase items, you will pay less at our many National Pawn locations.

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An Interesting Fact:National Pawn & Jewelry is the Largest Buyer of Gold in North Carolina.

We have been in this business for over 3 decades, and we know what we are doing. National Pawn & Jewelry will pay you more CASH for your gold that you will get in any other North Carolina pawn shop. When you go to the other shops, you don’t know what you will get or when you will get it. At National Pawn, everything you sell to us is paid for with CASH MONEY ON THE SPOT. Right then! Right there! This is a fast, safe, and convenient way to turn your gold into cash. viagra malaysia

Market prices for precious metals fluctuate daily, and we check them to make sure you get the best price for your gold. There is no question about where to sell your gold – we will give you the best deal in town, and we will do it immediately. buy sibutramine online

Get Cash for your gold now!
Unsed diamonds

Turn Your DiamondsInto Instant Cash

National Pawn & Jewelry uses an expert team of trained diamond buyers who have an excellent reputation for appraising and purchasing diamonds in North Carolina. Turning your diamond rings and other diamond jewelry into cash has never been more simple or secure. We have been the area’s leading diamond appraisers and buyers for the last 60 years. online casino singapore

Don’t wander into any random pawn shop to sell your diamonds. You don’t know their reputation or history, and they will most likely offer you less than they are worth. Depend on the experienced and professionals at National Pawn & Jewelry. With us, it is safer, simpler and you will get more turning your diamonds into quick cash at National Pawn & Jewelry. casino malaysia

Get Your Diamonds Appraised
We went to National Pawn with our gold, and they gave us just about double what we were quoted at one of those local pawn shops. And the man that helped us was super helpful and really knew what he was talking about. And they were fast too. Nobody can do anything with gold….
- Raleigh, NC
I LOVE these guys. Jeremy is a great manager and everybody there is super helpful and super nice. Very respectful and they really help you out and work with you. I know they will help you with your situation. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE National Pawn.
Tonya C. - Raleigh, NC


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