Carbon-conscious consumers find selection, value, and sustainability at National Pawn

Pawnshops have existed for thousands of years but are at the forefront of today’s hottest retail trend—sustainability. According to ThredUp’s 2022 Resale Report, “consumers are prioritizing sustainability, retailers are starting to embrace resale, and policymakers are getting on board with the circular economy.” Carbon-conscious consumers in Burlington, Charlotte, Durham, Gastonia, Greensboro, Hope Mills, Concord, Raleigh, Wilmington, or Winston-Salem, North Carolina have a reliable and trusted business where they can shop sustainably thanks to National Pawn, which has served North Carolina for 35 years. 

Resale is big business

Led by Generation Z, today’s consumers are increasingly focused on sustainability while shopping. Younger shoppers pay far more attention to their carbon footprint than any perceived stigmas associated with secondhand goods. In fact, 80% of Gen Z’ers responded that there was no stigma attached to buying secondhand goods whatsoever, according to the Global Data Consumer Survey.

Get paid to recycle at National Pawn 

Most consumers understand that throwaway retail culture depletes natural resources and overfills landfills. Pawnshops, by contrast, offer a solution that not only reduces the consumer’s carbon footprint by avoiding throwing their items away but also helps put cash in their pocket. Pawnshops will pay top dollar for pre-owned merchandise like electronics, tools and equipment, jewelry, designer watches, luxury handbags, and other items of value. Selling items to the trusted team at National Pawn is quicker and more straightforward than the hassle and risk of selling the item online.

Why National Pawn is the most sustainable place to shop in North Carolina

National Pawn is the best place to get cash for items of value. It’s also the first place to shop for pre-owned items in Burlington, Charlotte, Durham, Gastonia, Greensboro, Hope Mills, Concord, Raleigh, Wilmington, or Winston-Salem, North Carolina. To better understand how pawnshops represent the best of resale, it’s important to understand how they work. Pawnshops obtain most of the inventory on their shelves from people like you who bring in items they don’t want or are no longer using. As a result of all of these transactions, pawnbrokers end up with items on their shelves in good condition and have value to someone else. 

Pawnshops have a wide selection of merchandise

The items found for sale in a reputable pawnshop have been tested and verified in working condition and authentic. Shoppers can find items ranging from rare antiques and collectibles to useful tools and equipment to fine jewelry and luxury items inside their neighborhood pawnshop. 

Despite old stereotypes, consumers can shop pawn stores with confidence. Less than 1/10th of 1% of items in pawnshops are reported as stolen.

Should you buy fine jewelry at a pawnshop? 

Pawnshops buy, sell, and pawn items of value, including fine jewelry with diamonds and other gemstones. Carbon-conscious buyers understand that the only truly zero-impact diamond is a recycled one. They also recognize that pawnshops are a significant source of recycled gold for jewelry manufacturers. They also help consumers keep their jewelry and wear it longer by offering repair and refurbishment. 

Pawnbroking is a highly-regulated industry, and a reputable pawnshop will always guarantee the authenticity of everything they sell. 

Purchasing luxury items at a pawnshop

Consumers can still enjoy the quality craftsmanship of luxury goods such as designer handbags, luxury watches, gold and diamond jewelry, the latest electronics, or even a pair of high-end sneakers. Buying them from a pawnshop instead of new extends the life cycle of the luxury item and extends its life. 

Here are five of the top benefits of buying pre-owned items from pawnshops: 

1-Pawnbrokers are experts in secondhand: Pawnshops aren’t new to the secondary market, they’ve been around since the beginning of recorded history. They are also the most regulated and trusted source for pre-owned goods

2-Pawnshops contribute to the local economy: Buying secondhand from online marketplaces or direct from the owner can be risky leaving the consumer to wonder what happens if something goes wrong or the item they’re buying turns out to be stolen? Trained professionals handle transactions at the pawnshop. 

3-Pawn shops offer unbeatable value: The single biggest moment of depreciation for a piece of fine jewelry, designer watch, or any other item is when it goes from being ‘new’ to ‘secondhand”. By contrast, pre-owned items depreciate far slower and are a better value. Instead of paying retail, buying from a pawnshop allows consumers to have the items they want at more easily affordable prices. 

4-Pawnshop purchases are collateral: Items bought from the pawnshop and other things of value can be used as collateral for a pawn if the need arises in the future or sold back to the pawnshop. 

5-Shop small sustainable: Resale is more than just a passing phase; it’s big business, projected to double in the next five years to $77B. Shoppers already understand the importance of supporting small businesses in their communities. Now, it’s important that they also realize that doing business with a pawn shop makes them part of a circular economy that keeps unwanted items out of landfills and cuts down on unnecessary production. It’s the most sustainable way to shop! 

Whether you decide that selling or pawning your item is the best fit for your situation, our team is prepared to help you get the cash you need. Call or stop by one of our twenty-three store locations to meet our team and experience for yourself the service that has helped us build a reputation for trustworthiness and more than 50,000 positive Google Reviews in Burlington, Charlotte, Durham, Gastonia, Greensboro, Hope Mills, Concord, Raleigh, Wilmington, or Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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