Honoring Black History Month with Employee Stories – Melina Mitchell

This story is from Melina, Jewelry Pricing Manager at National Pawn, she reflects upon Black History and what it means to her.  And, how she became a part of the National Pawn family.

“It’s black history month and I hope everyone takes some time to celebrate it in their own way. I celebrate by going out in my community and volunteering my time with my elders, the youth and supporting black businesses. If you asked me what black history means to me, I would speak of my ancestors and the path they paved for us today.  Black History is also a time to reflect, celebrate, and give recognition of our contributions to society! I grew up watching my family work very hard at their respective jobs, with honor and dedication.  I thank them for instilling a great work ethic in me as an adult. Without knowing what path I would take, after school my dad who had worked some part time security for the company suggested I apply to work for a man named Bob Moulton at National Pawn located on Roxboro Road in Durham. Unbeknownst to me that would lead me to a 20+ year career at National Pawn. I thank the company for its recognition of Black History. My goal is to always give my best in whatever I do.  Whether it’s being a positive impact at work, a matriarch in my family, or a contributor to my community.”

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